Sexy Sunday – Lovelies Edition #1

Hello everyone. I’m not sure if everyone knows about my Street Team Leela Lou’s Lovelies. It’s a closed group but if you’d like to join click—->HERE

Picture4Every month we have a snippet story that is created about one of the members. Usually a 4 part series that the member is involved with as I write about her with information she gives to me about her perfect guy and a fantasy.  The stories are quick and fun…this months story has prompted me to write a full novel using this and a previous snippet for another story. Club Kink is the new series and what a wild ride it’s going to be. This month’s snippet story is Misha’s Submission.


Misha’s Quest Part 1

Misha sat in the waiting room of the business office of Club Kink. It wasn’t the first time she looked at the elegantly decorated room and wondered if she should really go through with this. This was the second time she’d been in this plush seat waiting for to be acknowledged by the receptionist. The deep sigh that escaped from her lips sounded extremely loud in the silence that filled the air. She’d read romance novels and watched movies of women submitting to strong men and the desire to be next filled her heart and wet her panties. Which is why she’d filled out the ten-page questionnaire, waited for that monstrosity to be reviewed and approved. Now she was waiting to be interviewed before she could go any further in this process.

The secretary picked up her phone, said a few words, replaced the receiver on the hook and then called Misha over to the desk.

“You’re going to go down this hall,” she said pointing in the direction Misha was supposed to go. “When you get to the end knock on the gold door.”

Misha’s couldn’t help the slight giggle that escaped from her throat, but the serious look of the secretary who heard the sound made Misha fold in her lips to stop any other inappropriate noises from exiting her mouth. Damn she was tired and the noises she made when that happened were honest and hard to hold back. Misha was going to screw herself out this exclusive club before she got in the door so she straightened up her face, nodded at the woman and turned to go down the dim hallway.

“Who the hell decorated this place?” Misha murmured to herself as she placed her hand on the black and gold brocade fabric. The stitching interrupted the cool smoothness of the silk and she wondered what it would be like to wear something made of this material. As she enjoyed her walk down the hall she was drawn to the beautiful and fragrant flowers that decorated each side. Stopping at the bouquet she leaned in and took a whiff…they smelled amazing. She just had to be accepted if only to see what other visual treasures these people could come up with.

When she finally made it to the gold door Misha took a big breath. What was on the other side of the door? Should she turn and go home? Was this a big mistake? The door opened before she could decide if she was going to knock or run and the man before her was confidence, sex and power rolled into one. He was tall; at least 4 inches over six foot, deep brown eyes, with a fresh fade and a goatee that framed such full, luscious lips it was impossible to look away from them. Dark brown sugar. That’s what his skin tone made her think of and damned if that didn’t make her want to taste him even though that was probably bad form before an interview.

“Having second thoughts, Ms. Nelson?”

This man’s voice soothed and aroused at the same time. How the hell is that possible? She broke the stare off she was having with his mouth because it was even more intoxicating to watch him talk. Glancing into his eyes she could see the amusement in their depths. Misha had to pull herself together. She was a woman who was on a mission and this was the man with the key to her fantasies…in more ways than one.

“Ms. Nelson?”

“I possibly was having a few second thoughts but they’re gone.”

“Great. My name is Lincoln Maxwell. Come in, have a seat and we’ll get started.” He didn’t look stern but he didn’t look all that friendly either. Mr. Maxwell looked like he did these interviews all day, every day and the sooner he got started the sooner he’d finish. That was fine with her.

Misha looked around the room and took in the differences between this room and the hallway. No expense had been spared in either place but this room was made for a man. This man, because it suited him to a T. After sitting down she looked at the man in a suit and watched him watch her for what seemed like 5 minutes. He appeared to be looking for something. She saw as well as felt his gaze take in her hair, her face, her outfit and she started to feel a bit uncomfortable. Maybe she should have chosen something sexier, flirtier or just shown up naked. If this was what the interview was going to be like she could have just sent in a picture.

“Is the getting started part going to happen soon?” It would be a shame if this fine ass man was just for show. The intelligence she’d seen in his eyes couldn’t have been faked. Could it?

The smile he graced her with made her breath catch. He was a ruggedly handsome male but when he smiled he upped his sexy quotient exponentially. “You waited 5 minutes. I can tell a lot about a person by making them wait.”


“Like…the way you studied me added what I know about you tells me are a thinker. You don’t fidget when you’re under scrutiny. That shows confidence.” His left eyebrow lifted as he sat at his desk running down what he thought of her. “It’s always attractive to see a woman who knows her worth.”

“Will you be my instructor?” Misha found herself excited just asking that question. What would it be like to submit to this man? He seemed very masterful but his eyes were… if not sweet then at least kind.

He took that moment to stand and she got to see just how well his suit fit him as he walked around to the front of the desk and leaned against it while he shook his head. “I don’t do instruction anymore, nor do I entertain any of the members.”

“So then what do you do?”

“I’m the owner of this club and I make sure I know each and every member. Every application comes through me and every interview is done by me.”

Misha stood up and was face to face with Lincoln. “You get to look at all the lovelies but you don’t allow yourself to touch. That’s an interesting twist; would you care to tell me why?”

“Somehow you’re trying to turn this into my interview.” He reached his hand out and waited for her to place her hand in his. When she did, he stood up and lead her to a large mirror that had three panels and stood behind her before he placed his hands on her shoulders. “I need to get on with the process because I almost allowed it.”

Misha turned her head to the left so she could see him in the mirror. She missed looking at his face when he talked, but he was more interested in rubbing his hands up and down her arms slowly. That shouldn’t be sexy but it was like he was introducing himself to her body in a ritual that something deep inside her understood.

He gathered her hair in his hand and moved it away from her neck. “You’ve beautiful hair. I don’t think I’ve ever seen dreadlocks quite this color. It reminds me of a cherry burgundy…warm and intoxicating.”

She felt the words like caresses as they brushed against her neck and she couldn’t hold back a shiver of awareness.

“One of the reasons I do the interviews is I have a gift of knowing what people need as well as what people want. You are as sensual as they come, Misha.”

Hearing the words “come” and her name together was almost too much, but she struggled to find another question so she didn’t appear as needy and thirsty as she really was. “What makes you think that?”

“Beside the fact that you are watching me with bated breath trying to figure out what I’m going to do next, I watched the joy you had touching the walls and smelling the flowers. Touch, smell, taste and sound all appeal to your nature. You would require an experience full of all of those things to make it fulfilling for you.” He stared into her eyes as they both faced the mirror.

“Do you watch everything that goes on in this club?”

“Every room is monitored both for your safety and the clubs. We allow all kinds of kink. No one is here to judge you, but the safety of each and every member is my utmost priority. You’ve signed an agreement to be recorded but know that none of those tapes are for member consumption and are kept for 30 days. If being on display is something you desire, you and your instructor will work that out.”

Misha spun on him not sure if she was upset that he was talking about foisting her off on someone else or that he wasn’t recognizing whatever was going on between them.  It was so potent that it couldn’t be one sided. “I’m not sure about this?”

“Are you talking about your fantasy about submission or something else?”

Maybe she shouldn’t have come to this interview on the heels of a 16 hour shift and a two-hour nap but that couldn’t be avoided. She’d wanted to try this out for a good long while and if this beautiful masterpiece of a man didn’t want to do it maybe she’d get something better. She doubted it but it was possible. In the end she only stood there and shook her head, but changed her mind and decided she had to say something. “Don’t you think I should feel something for the person who’s giving me instruction and helping me figure things out?”

“Of course and I believe you picked 3 gentlemen on your application and listed them as first, second and third choices.”

“That’s because you weren’t in the lineup.” She was trying not to smile at the cheeky smirk he gave her but it was hard.

He cocked his head to the side. “I know I wasn’t in the lineup because I’m not one of the options.”

“So this is what you do? Interview people, find out how easy it is to seduce them and send them on to someone else?”

He didn’t answer the question and Misha had about enough of this interview. She knew people too and she knew they clicked too hard for him not to have noticed. Maybe she could find someone else that could teach her what would make her body sing like she knew the man she was looking at could, but she doubted it.

“To answer your question. No. I don’t usually try to seduce anyone who walks into my office. The interview is me behind the desk and the prospect in the chair, but I saw you and couldn’t resist. Your sexy brown eyes beg for submission even as you attempt to negate it with your boldness.” He pulled her closer and she had to look up at him to watch his expressions. “I had to see if you smelled as good as I thought you did as you passed by me and I had to know how soft your locks would feel against my face.”

“I guess you’re just as sensual as I am.”

“We would be well matched. I would love showing you all you want to experience and I would honor your submission with all I have within me. I would tie you up, kiss you down and drown in the flavors of your body.” He placed his large hand on the back of her head and tugged her hair just a bit.

Misha pushed up on her tippy toes and tasted the lips that had been calling to her as soon as she’d seen them. He moved his hands to the sides of her face and slowed the kiss down. It was like she was trying to steal a kiss but he was taking the time to savor. He ended it way before Misha wanted him too.

“I see the questions in your eyes and I want you to know that I feel the same powerful crackle of attraction between us.”

“So what do we do about it?”  Misha watched as Lincoln straightened himself and pulled away from her. It was more than just a physical move; it was like he shut off the light in his expression. It wasn’t friendly and flirty anymore, but more clinical and detached.

“Nothing. We do nothing Ms. Nelson.” He walked back to the desk and picked up the purse she’d sat in the chair next to her. It was like the fun had been sucked out of the room and she wanted nothing more than to bring it back.

“If I’ve said or done something wrong—” Misha began.

“You’ve been a true delight. Your application has been approved. Please see Janelle, the secretary, on your way out to schedule your first lesson.”

Walking toward the door Misha’s mind scrambled for something to say but she knew the rules of the club. When someone told you “no,” you weren’t to argue but to find what you were looking for with someone else, but she didn’t think it would be as thrilling as it would have been with Lincoln. “I think I’ve already learned my first lesson,” she said as she walked by him at the door.

“I think we’ve both learned something today.”

Copyright 2016 Leela Lou Dahlin

Edited by Candy Miller


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My first…anthology 

It’s been a while…I know…I know but I’ve been getting a lot of work done and recently had a new short story out with a group I’m with called Nice Girls Writing Naughty. 

Our very first Anthology-featuring 4 of our authors-is available! 






Check it out and then tell me what you thought. 

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Happy Sunday…where did the first half of 2016 go?

Hello all you happy, sexy people.

2016 has been a lot of things…the the main thing it’s been is FAST. Here we are one third of the way through July and it got here in a blink. There have been a lot of changes for me this year but I’ve been trying to do some new things and one of them is Net Galley. I’d heard of this site that helps people find new authors but I’d never had the opportunity to try it. The whole process seems to be going well even if it feels like release day all over again. Put your heart out there, wait for judgement…you know typical author stuff.

I just wanted to say hello to all of the people who made their way here, to this blog, from Net Galley or from wherever else  you made it her from. I’m glad you’re here. Feel free to have a seat, grab a beverage and make yourself at home.



2016 is also one of the craziest years I’ve ever seen. So much senselessness and anger everywhere. For those of you who haven’t heard it today…

You are Loved

You are Special

You are Important

Be good to yourself…and each other.

Okay, that last line may have been stolen from the Maury Show, but who cares….It’s a great line.


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Street Team Leela Lou’s Lovelies

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Guess what I got?

A street team…

I know…I know. I wondered when and if I’d ever start one but my friends Angie Davis and Andy Leticia Barba started talking to me about it one day and we had it up and running the next. I follow one of my favorite authors Tessa Bailey on Facebook and I’m a part of her street team. She writes these snippets that are phenomenal. They say imitation is the purest type of flattery so I’ve decided to write snippets about the members who join. I didn’t think I’d have that many so honestly I thought I’d be able to do everyone but we’re up to 104 so we are being creative about how we pick the next contestant for Romance for You. There are nice chats, hot pictures and fun. Feel free to come take a look

Picture4Leela Lou’s Lovelies

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It’s party time…Happy Birthday to ME :) G/G

Hello everyone. I’m so excited that it’s finally here. My birthday…the day I turn 45 years old. This is a new year and a new me…my own personal New Year’s Day. Hello New YearI’ve started a new job (thus the reason my countdown was cut a bit short…getting acclimated wiped me out) and that is just going along with the new year…new me. Thank you to all of the people who joined me in the countdown. The winner of last weeks $20 gift card is TRACY JOHNSON….YAY.


For my birthday I thought I’d go big and give away a $50 Amazon Card…don’t tell me you don’t know what to do for this one.


Think about it…Wish me a happy birthday to be entered and I’ll come back after my birthday and announce a winner.


There are so many people and so many things I’m thankful for I almost hate to name them because I’d be bound to leave someone out. I want to thank anyone who has told me they love my books because that encouragement helps to keep me going. I want to thank each and every person who had a kind word or uplifting message when I lost one of the most important people in my life February 3, 2016…my mother. I want to hug each and everyone I know just because and I want to thank my sister Lisa Thomas for too many things to name. I’ve always been one who didn’t really think about my birthday. It was just another day but now I’m grateful and thankful. Love hard, play often and Be Amazing :)

Don’t forget One Last Fling is on Sale for $2.99 until my birthday is over…get  yours today

Front Cover OLF

Feel free to see what I’m up to on the web


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The best is yet to come

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One Week Away – Countdown to 45 Gratitude and Gifting

Hello happy people the winners for the last 7 days of presents have been chosen…well there weren’t an overwhelming amount of participants but I’m grateful for the people who took a moment to share my countdown and comment. Without further ado here are your winners.

The winner of an 8-stem Rosy Writer Bouquet is Camisha from day one.


The winner of my favorite scrub bar from Posh is Jen75 from day two.


All I can say to both of these women is

flower thanks


With my birthday being one week away the excitement grows and the giveaway for today is a $20 Amazon Gift card for one random comment that answers the question…What is your favorite trope? Friends to lovers, enemy to lovers, best friend’s older brother? Winner will be chosen and announced on my birthday April 27th.


Today I’m grateful for:

  1. Interesting Dresses

16114511136781034_IKWnNuRn_b Awesome dress

2. Beautiful flowers

Gerbera2  Tulips2Tulips









3.  Soapy, hot baths 1c493b020725e74bea451b90a5f02ecc Cowboy bath Scrubby Back Soapy


Don’t forget One Last Fling is on Sale for $2.99 until 4/27/2016

Front Cover OLF

Well that’s it for today come back tomorrow to see what else I give away and feel free to see what I’m up to on the web


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Countdown – 8 days ’til 45 – Gifting and Gratitude

Happy Tuesday and welcome to my countdown of Gifting and Gratitude. I feel so fortunate to have met so many people through my writing from people who enjoy my work to people who help out…The giveaway and gratitude present of the day comes from a woman who wears many hats and does it stylishly. Mia Downing. This woman is a published author of super hot and amazing stories, she is an editor (a fabulous one) and a friend (not that that fact keeps her from attacking me with her very well honed red pen). She has  a large array of books to choose from and since I missed a few days of this gifting and gratitude with the weekend I’m going to give away 2 of her ebooks to a random commenter. Just tell me how your weekend went…(Yes I’m aware it’s Tuesday, but fine….you can tell me how your Monday went if you can’t remember back that far 😉 Ripped Spy Games Just Ask









Choose a title of Mia’s on her Amazon Author Page and think about which one you’d like if you win.

Now for the gratitude portion. I’m so grateful :

  1. For a muse that keeps me writing.
  2. For friends and fans that keep me excited about sharing my writing
  3. For men in suit and on their way out of them.

open suit

 Don’t forget One Last Fling is on Sale for $2.99 until 4/27/2016

Front Cover OLF

Well that’s it for today come back tomorrow to see what else I give away and feel free to see what I’m up to on the web


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Eleven days until birthday cake and candles – Gratitude and Gifting

Happy Saturday!!

This is a whole lot of fun. On this day I want to talk about a talented woman who is an award winning author, an awesome friend and the woman who has made all of my indie covers to date Jan Meredith. Her book Playing Doctor  was Winner of the 2014 HOLT Medallion Awards of Merit for Best First Book and Best Romance Novella. One person who comments will get a ebook copy of Jan’s book – click the picture of the book to read more about it.

Playing Doctor

So I’ve known Jan for a few years and I’m so very grateful for that because :

  1. Jan and I are both nurses and I am so glad I’m a nurse. I love how you can do so many things as a nurse from working on the floor of a hospital to community nursing. The jobs you can do are limitless.
  2. She makes awesome book covers…                                                                                                                                                                                                                  11986481_756416744486997_2247326573236608266_n Front Cover OLF


3. …and even more awesome teasers

 Sexy Teaser 1 Sexy Teaser 2 OLF teaser 1

Well that’s it for today come back tomorrow to see what else I give away and feel free to see what I’m up to on the web


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Forty-five cometh in 12 days – Gratitude and Gifting

          Happy Tax day! If there is a day people need to have gratitude and gifting…today is it. I’m grateful for a lot of things and I’m grateful for a good number of people. All of which I won’t be able to get to in my last 12 days so if I don’t mention you it doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for you and love you to pieces as well.

Draven St. James is my writing twin. I say that because we were introduced on the same day, in the same newsletter for Loose Id Publishing. It could have just stayed that way but it didn’t. It was a rough patch I had after I landed my first book contract and there were so many things going on that made it easy not to write but every few days I’d get a ding in my messenger with the same question – “How’s your writing going?” There were times I bristled at the question and there were times I didn’t want to answer because I didn’t want to write back “Not good”.  Time went on and we started talking about other things (we really are quite similar) but she never neglected to ask about my writing. Words can’t express how thankful I am for her encouraging words and perseverance.  We are now writing a book together called The Closer I Get which is a MM contemporary and I’m so excited to get that out to you. For now the gift of the day is an eBook copy of Draven’s newest release that I love so much Between the Lies

Between the Lies

To win let me know what special plans you have coming up this weekend. Winner will be chosen and posted Wednesday 04/20/2016

You can also follow Draven




I’m grateful and thankful for:

  1. Meeting and getting to know Draven St. James
  2. Nutella – does that really need to be explained? It’s delicious. I found this recipe for Nutella cookie cups…yummmmm Nutella-Cookie-Cups
  3. Neck kisses – soft  or not so soft                                                                                                                                         couples: Photo by Kyle Hepp

                                    Well that’s it for today come back tomorrow to see what else I give away and feel free to see what I’m up to on the web

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Thirteen days away – Gratitude and Gift Giveaway

On the second day of gratitude and gifts I should probably pick the picture that accompanies the gift for the Facebook post or any other picture so people won’t be mesmerized by the sexiness that I choose. Not that there won’t be sexy…I mean I’m Leela Lou Dahlin. There has to be sexy.

So this time I’m going to start off with the giveaway for today. It is my all time favorite bath bar by Posh. It makes your skin soft by scrubbing away the old skin , it smells amazing and it’s my very favorite color…Pink. What could it be?  It’s the Classic Pink Heaven Snarky Bar and I’ll give it to someone who can tell me their favorite song or musical group. The winner will be picked and posted on Wednesday 04/20/2016



Also my new book One Last Fling will be on sale for $2.99 until my birthday 04/27/2016. So that’s a gift for everyone :) Click on the book to be taken to the page.

Front Cover OLF

Okay so we got through the giving and now we are at the Gratitude portion of the day.

I’m so grateful for :

  1. A peaceful view Her view
  2. A good laughlaugh
  3. Fabric PaintThanksCome back tomorrow to see what else I give away and feel free to see what I’m up to on the web                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Amazon
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